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Amos reports back from The Trembling 5th Anniversary Screening he organized in Little Rock, Arkansas....
the screening was great-we had about 80 people and a wonderful discussion afterwards---we had a panel of myself, a Jewish feminist, two rabbis and the Baptist minister who gave the eulogy at Tammy Faye Baker's funeral. I originally planned on only seating 40 but the demand was great more >>>

You are definitely making a better world for your kids. Years ago my son and I saw the movie together, glued to tv he shared his emotions with his gay jewish dad...we cried together..sang together to the songs he learned as kid going to orthodox shul and camp. He and I became closer that day. He is 21 now and always teaching others about tolerance and mutual respect. Thank you for sharing thi more >>>

Master of the Universe
On this Yom Kippur,
As the noonday sun descends,
We open up your sacred scroll,
And read with awe its words of wisdom.
Troubled, we share our meditations with You.
In the beginning You created us in your image,
Breathed into a pure body opposing desires,
The human was created, lonely and alone.
When You repa more >>>

So we showed Trembling on the Road in our home last night. Twenty people. Straight, queer, mostly Jews, but not only. Four queer Jews (and others) who work at four different Jewish institutions in town - all of them out. Some of their bosses as well. I will gather quotes from them to send you, but in short, it was a really wonderful evening. Such deep and broad appreciation to be discussing t more >>>

Quite the combo - Planet Out and

One great feature on the Trembling 5th Anniversary

and a blog on by one of my favorite Jewish websites -
more >>>